Ford Mustang 1967 Cowl Vent Repair

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  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang


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This is a repair I made for my 67 Mustang.

Note, you can buy very cost-effective metal repair kits that are probably more appropriate than this! I don’t have easy access to parts as they need to be imported from the US to the UK.

Anyway, in case it’s of interest to anyone I’m sharing the model. The tube that goes up the hole in the car has an outer diameter of 155mm (metric brain). That provides a bit of space around the outside so there are no fitment issues.

On my car the whole mount system for the vent was completely rusted, all of the mounting bolts just fell off with a little prodding.

When installing the new adapter ring I used a liberal amount of silicone sealant to mitigate any water intrusion or build up between the leftover metal and new plastic part.

* I don’t know the long term effect of this repair, under most circumstances my car only gets wet when washed. Use at your own discretion.


Weight 222 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 6 cm




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