About Us
Printdustry is a marketplace for original parts printed in our high quality 3D printing network around the globe. We create a unique service that solved spare parts availability worldwide. As we produce our parts close to the consumer, we avoid the generation of green house gases due to the reduction in logistics.
Leonel Donatini, CEO Printdustry
3D Printing Centers Worldwide
10 000
Original parts
5 000
Satisfied customers

Our Mission And Goal

Our Mission is to solve spare parts availability in the world using 3D printing. Our Goal is to be the largest  database of OEM parts and the largest 3D printing community around the globe. 

What Do Clients Say About Us?
During our work we have accumulated
hundreds of positive reviews.

Working With Us

We partner with brands who want to change the way they produce goods reducing the impact in the environment. Our technology is the most efficient way of production for spare parts as we produce your product the closest to the consumer and the product is produced upon request. 

Meet Our Team
A large and well-coordinated team of true professionals.